Using Google Forms For Homework

Google Forms is a web tool where you can create online forms by using multiple choice, open ended, scaled and other type of questions. If you want to get an information from a group of people Google Forms can help you. Among many purposes conducting a survey is the first thing that comes to my mind. You can find more creative ways like using it to ask people if they are going to attend a meeting or ask your friends to rate your latest video clip in Youtube. If you are new to Google Forms I suggest you take a look at the following page and continue this article; Introduction To Google Forms

I am using Google Forms in my lessons for many purposes, one of which is assigning homework. I have to confess that I wasn’t quite sure about its efficiency until I tried it. I did an experiment, prepared a brief assignment and the results were astonishing. Let me give you the details.

First I had to write down the homework into an MS Word document since I had to use equation editor. In mathematics our worst nightmare in virtual world is to write down the mathematical expressions and Google Forms isn’t very helpful in this but it’s not a big problem. This situation is a good example on how two opponents complete each other. (You can write some equations in a Google document but it is still not enough.)

Then, I created a new Google Form and wrote down the questions into that form too (without using an equation editor). You can see some examples in the following document; Unifying The Answers. You may ask why I did the same thing twice. I simply didn’t like to leave the form blank, that’s all. After this I sent the Word document and the link of the Form to the students and told them to print out the word document (not mandatory), solve the questions and type in their answers to the Google Form. The homework was due for Wednesday.

On Tuesday, at 20:00, I sat in front of the computer, opened the Google Form and removed the sharing property of the file. I clicked on the Show Summary Of Responses and I got the total number of students who did their homework in an instant and the corresponding spreadsheet holds the names of those students.

These graphs are providing a very important data; the percentages of each answer. As you can see, whatever the first question assesses it is well understood but in the second question there is a problem. It seems the class didn’t understand the related topic. This is a very valuable feedback a teacher can get before the lesson. Now I can revise and add necessary details to my lesson notes for the next day. By the way, it is not always possible to get such a detail in a traditional homework check. These graphs give me the big picture of my class’s situation.

After I checked the summary, I ran the Flubaroo script and graded the homework in 15 seconds! I don’t think I need to advertise this but 15 seconds… it is unbelievable, isn’t it?

On Wednesday, I shared the results of the homework and went over the questions whose percentages were lower than 80. Also I called the students who got lower than 75 to study together in a suitable time.

Assigning homework by using Google Form increases the efficiency and it also creates free time for the teacher.

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