How To Download Video Attachments From Gmail To iPad

Yesterday I got an email with a video attachment (which was taken with an iPad). I opened the email with the Gmail app. I gently touched the attachment and a new screen with the video appeared. I wanted to save it to my camera roll so I touched the share button but it gave me only three options; open the attachment in Chrome, Safari or copy the link. I tried to open the attachment in Chrome and Safari thinking that maybe those apps have the option to save an attachment but it didn’t work.

Then I thought maybe Mail app will be a solution. I opened the app and touched the attachment. Something different than other apps happened. Under the attachment icon I saw that app started to download the file. When it was finished the video didn’t start automatically. I touched and held my finger for a second and a small screen appeared asking me to mail, quick look open in a different app and SAVE TO CAMERA ROLL!!! That was it. This was the solution to save a video attachment permanently to iPad.


21 thoughts on “How To Download Video Attachments From Gmail To iPad

    • It is same actually. Just touch on the attachment and it will be opened but it will not start. Touch the screen only once and you’ll see that a menu will appear. On the top right corner touch the share button and you’ll see “Save video” button.

      Hope this helps.

  1. Omg thank you emrefirat! I have to do a project for my engl. class and you helped me by posting this thank you thank you!

  2. Sorry what I’m trying to save is actually audio it is a sermon I preached it says m.4 on the lattachment

  3. I have an IOS 6 for IPod Touch and I need help from saving a video from my Gmail to my Camera Roll. I need help I can’t figure it out.

  4. Is this also applicable to ipod touch 5th gen? Is the mail app different from gmail app? Haha. Soorryy not so techy :(

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