Can’t attend ISTE 2013?






ISTE 2013 Conference will be held in San Antonio during June 23-26. Unfortunately I can’t attend but thanks to Access ISTE 2013 I will be able to participate virtually for one day. On 25th of June, Tuesday, the doors of the conference will be open to virtual guests. There will be 4 interactive discussion activities and each of them will have 5 parallel sessions so there will be 20 sessions in total. Since it is not possible to follow 5 parallel sessions at the same time ISTE gives a 6 months access to all 20 sessions when they are archived. Keynote speaker for Tuesday is Steven Johnson, one of the top ten brains of the digital future according to Prospect magazine.

The fee for Access ISTE 2013 is $199 US ($219 After May 1st). I think this price is reasonable.

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