Augmented Reality Apps

One of my colleagues has discovered the magical world of augmented reality and asked me which apps I have installed to my iPad. I have prepared a file for him and wanted to share it with you as well. If you are new to AR you can think of it as a layer you put between reality and your eyes by using your mobile device’s camera and screen. You can insert images, videos, anything you want onto that virtual layer.


Among those my favourites are Aurasma, colAR Mix, ChromVille, Anatomy 4D and Star Chart. By the way I need to say that Qrafter and i-nigma are QR Code readers and generators. QR codes are still popular so you should have these kind of apps.

Below you can find the links to the websites or iTunes pages for the apps. Most of them work in both iOS and Android.

The Brain ARBlippar , Elements 4D , EnchantiumLayarQrafteri-nigmaAugment , Sekai Camera , AR Media , ChromVille , colAR Mix , Anatomy 4D , Star Chart , Sun Seeker , DAQRI , SnapShop , Junaio , Wikitude , ZooBurst , acrossair , Aurasma


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  1. And by using Aurasma lots of creative projects can be done in Physical Education
    Love this augmented reailty

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